Geil is a comedy trio that will sell out as soon as anyone gives them any money.

Together, they created the scifi comedy series Night Crew, which won the Comedy Central Development Award at NYTVF 2017 and premiered on Comedy Central’s digital platforms in 2019. They have worked on videos for QuickieFest and Red Hot Video Fun Time, one of which was featured on the front page of Funny Or Die. They also built an app for Comedy Hack Day, and wrote and performed a half-hour stage comedy musical. Currently, they are working on a new slate of projects, including a new scifi comedy series called Early To Rise.

Katie Sicking is a writer, actor and host of the new gameshow Dumb Sharktank in NYC. Her work has been featured on Splitsider, College Humor and Funny Or Die. Prior to Night Crew, Katie has co-created several other comedy series including Would You Rather, Womyn Inc., and I Want To Believe. She was was on the UCB house teams Lisa From School and Buchanan

Mike Cabellon is a UCB-trained actor and a current performer/director for Story Pirates. He’s currently filming a series regular role in NBC’s upcoming Untitled Mayor Project.

Adrien Pellerin founded TOS Comedy, a video sketch comedy collective that produced a monthly half-hour sketch show on Public Access TV. He has written and acted in videos that have been featured on Mashable and Funny Or Die. He also directs Blank! The Musical, a completely improvised Off-Broadway Musical, and recently performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Alec Cohen is a comedy director and writer. His work has been featured by Comedy Central, Adult Swim, UCB, Above Average, The New Yorker, SeriesFest, NYTVF, The New York Times, Funny or Die, Mashable, Comedy Hack Day, Chicago Sketchfest, Hell Yes Fest, Portland Comedy Film Festival and The American Association of Immunologists.

Katie and Adrien drinking smoothies, while Mike drinks a burrito.
"Geil" is a German slang word that alternately means cool, sexy, and/or horny. We're pretty sure it's pronounced "guile" but we're not too picky.

Geil at New York Television Festival